This I Believe by

David Edmondson


This I Believe

by David Edmondson

I believe in the adage of “treating others as I hope to be treated”.  This concept was introduced to me in preschool Sunday school and has been the main force in everything I do, at least most of the time.  Everything else that I believe comes from my experiences as I have grown older and gone through, both happy and challenging situations.

I believe in a Higher Power, whose name I know of as God.  I feel I see God from the incredible complexity of the human body to the simplicity of a dog wagging their tail from excitement.  My discovery of God came through being taught about Jesus Christ.  I believe in the Christian story.  I also believe that God has introduced himself to different people in various ways, including through Judaism, Islam, the Great Spirit of Native American culture, and Buddha to name just a few.  Any concept that acknowledges some sort of intelligent design of the universe is just another way that God has introduced this Higher Power to man.

I believe that God looks for faith instead of religion from man.  Faith in God, as I understand it, means simply believing that God exists, and treating others as I hope to be treated.  I believe that religion is the way that man has tried, with their own designs, of quantifying and qualifying their beliefs and actions.  I believe that Faith unites and religion divides. 

I believe in the idea of asking “What Now”, instead of “Why”.  Everyone goes through difficult situations that lead to the natural question, “Why is this happening to me?”  This, to me, is something that probably won’t be answered in a meaningful way.  In asking “What Now?” and trusting in what I believe will answer that question, I find direction.  My trust is in God, and so far I haven’t been let down.  It has been challenging, frustrating, and sometimes very discouraging, but I have always gotten an answer to that question, over time, usually not the answer I expected or desired but always the answer that I’ve benefitted from.

I believe in the 3 C’s, communication, compromise, and caring.  True communication crosses barriers that nothing else can bridge.  Communication, to me, is having a dialogue instead of a discussion.  A dialogue is where I enter a conversation with my own viewpoints, but I’m open minded enough to listen, instead of just hear, and really consider another’s ideas; weighing them with my own, and sometimes changing my mind.  Discussion, on the other hand, is where I enter a conversation determined to defend my viewpoints without considering the other person’s ideas.  Compromise comes when I reach an impasse of ideas with another, but a direction must be agreed upon.  If compromise doesn’t occur, the situation grinds to a halt.  Caring, my third C, is just another way I promote my adage of treating others as I hope to be treated.

I believe in a rather unique definition of Love, the most powerful emotion anyone ever feels.  The saying is usually, “I can’t live without you”, and that is considered a definition of love.  To me, that definition is denotes dependence, not love.  My saying that defines love is, “I can live without you, but I don’t ever want to”.  That promotes freedom and a willingness to walk side by side, not behind.

My final belief lies in my tripod of support, my 3 F’s.  Yes, I know I have a thing for letters, but I have an English degree, so please bear with me.  My tripod is my Faith, as previously explained, my family, and my friends.  The support I have been given from all three has allowed me an incredible peace of mind.

All of my beliefs have, over time, formulated in my heart and become the guides in my life.  They are simple and they have been incredible forces in my journey.  There are many things I don’t know and can’t comprehend, and I have no worry of them.  My beliefs are my compass, my guide, and they’ve treated me incredibly well.